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Kitten Policy

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Since we have a limited number of litters per year we accept deposits in advance to hold a specific color or pattern you may be interested in. We reserve kittens in the order that a buyer enters our waiting list and places a deposit. Pet deposits are $250.00. We prefer that a deposit is placed with a check and we DO NOT CASH the deposit check until you have chosen your kitten. The check simply serves as a "good faith" declaration of interest and allows us a fair way of scheduling appointments to meet the kittens. Once you have chosen your kitten we will cash the check and deduct the deposit from the purchase price.

Please e-mail us with your sex, color, pattern preference along with your contact information and some information about your family composition. We will be happy to talk with you and help you find the purrfect feline companion!

At RockNRags our emphasis is on producing healthy well socialized kittens with the wonderful temperament that ragdolls are known for.

Kittens are evaluated for show/breeder potential at 8 -14 weeks of age; those with show/breeder potential may be placed with established catteries or approved show homes first at our discretion. If no show homes are available all kittens will be placed as pets at the show alter price.

If we don't have what you are looking for we will be happy to refer you to another reputable breeder with whom we network.

Our kittens are ready to leave their Mommies and join their new families between 12-16 weeks of age. At this time your kitten will have been checked by a licensed Veterinarian, wormed, spayed or neutered and completed at least two sets of vaccinations. They will also come with a new kitten care kit to start them off right in their new home. You supply the love; they'll return it one hundredfold.

Ragdoll Show/Breeders & Show Quality Kittens

Occasionally we have show/breeder kittens available to approved  breeding catteries. For individual prices and more information on these kittens please contact us. Show quality kittens may also be placed in pet homes at the show alter price. Show alter price is $1000.00. Please consider that if you have school age children who love cats this may be a way to get them involved in the Junior Cat Show Program where they will learn about cat breeds and showing.


Payments and deposits may be made by check, cash or Pay Pal. Payments by check must be made at least 10 days prior to the kitten pick-up or shipping date.
For PayPal arrangements please use the PayPal link below or contact us at PayPal fees will apply to the purchase price

No Declawing Policy

We have a strict no declawing policy. All our kittens are raised with scratching posts and are taught to use them at a very young age. We have had many testimonials from owners that their kitties don't scratch the furniture.


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For more information contact Charles or Cheryl Bond
714-228-0332 --

When you buy a kitten from RockNRags, a portion of the purchase price is donated to the Winn Feline Foundation

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